TWD:Baking with Julia: Rugelach

Rugelach is an absolute favorite cookie of mine to bake. These cookies are so delicious!

 My brother loves Rugelach and I always make a batch for his birthday. I make them with different jam fillings, such as apricot, raspberry, peach and strawberry. I also make chocolate filled ones too.

 Nuts are a must in this cookie! I use walnuts inside and outside of the Rugelach.

You can see the process to rolling the Rugelach dough on a recipe photo tutorial on my Baking is my Zen account called,

Rugelach For The Holidays ~ Season Of Love.

MY must-do’s: Don’t overfill with filling. Don’t spread filling to edge of dough. Depress the cinnamon-sugar lightly into the fruit filled dough. Best form is the ‘crescent’, not the ‘rolled’ form. This  may be different for you, but these are MY must-do’s.

RUGELACH is the third, “Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia,” recipe the group is baking together.

This recipe (pages 325-327) is from the book,

Baking with Julia, by Dorie Greenspan.

The contributing baker for this recipe is Lauren Groveman.

This recipe calls for cutting logs of Rugelach into slices instead of forming them into crescent shapes. I prefer the latter.

Here is a video by Lauren Groveman on measuring. It’s worth a look.

For Better Baking: How to Correctly Measure Ingredients – by Lauren Groveman

Host Bakers (with recipe)


The Urban Hiker


My Baking Heart

There are over 250 BAKERS in this group. Stop by and check out their blogs! 🙂

The next “TWD: Baking with Julia”

post is scheduled for March 20.

Recipe: Irish Soda Bread.

Hosts will be Carla and Cathleen

Fortunately, family members like this bread. They will be the recipients of my next baking endeavor.

Enjoy your Rugelach…goes great with coffee!

…and to John…many great birthdays to come!

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Peace in baking,


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33 Responses to TWD:Baking with Julia: Rugelach

  1. Kris Barlow says:

    Yours is the best kind of gift…lots of love in that package of beautiful rugelach. Well done.

  2. Thanks for the helpful links, Carmen! Every little bit of knowledge helps. Your brother is a lucky guy, to get a birthday treat baked with care and love!

  3. I should’ve stuck with my gut and made crescent shapes. Yours turned out fantastic and such a great bag!

  4. Wendy says:

    Your rugelach look great. I love the way you wrapped them up!

  5. I love your crescent rugelach! I did have a difficult time with the logs. Fun challenge though!

  6. jane says:

    Hi Carmen,
    I am trying again to leave a comment. (http://quirky
    Yours look so great, and I absolutely love this cookie. Your blog is inspiring.

  7. what a pretty package! i like the cresent shape, too…so cute!

  8. What a wonderful birthday gift! Your rugelach is so pretty packaged that way. I really like your tutorial, Carmen. It makes these look so simple to make and they really are – there are just quite a few steps. Now that I have made them, I can certainly understand why they are your favorite cookie.

  9. Jill says:

    Absolutely lovely! I think I would have had an easier time with the crescent shape, but they taste good no matter how they look.

  10. I love the packaging! Who wouldn’t want to get that?! I also came and looked at your previously posted tutorial while making mine because I needed more pictures! Thanks for posting it on the TWD site, it was very helpful!

    Amanda (

  11. oven chaos says:

    I also like the crescent shape. On my must-do’s I also include not putting filling in the centre of the circle if making crescents.

  12. It’s great you were able to make a familiar favorite! And I liked the format of your post with your ‘must-dos’. Lauren @

  13. cakelaw says:

    Thanks for all the Rugelach making tips. I now want peach and raspberry rugelach – yum, peach Melba!

  14. tsimmisthyme says:

    Your gift wrapped rugelach are beautiful. Love your photos; they are quite beautiful too. Nancy:

  15. Alice says:

    oh boy, I didnt love these at all but your presentation blew me away!

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