This week’s recipe selection for the baking group, Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia,
is OASIS NAAN (pages 149-150). Persian Naan dough is used and the recipe can be found on pages 147-149.

This recipe is from the book, Baking with Julia, by Dorie Greenspan.

The contributing bakers for this recipe are Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid.

Host bakers are: (recipes can be found on their blogs)

Maggie of Always Add More Butter

Phyl of Of Cabbages & King Cakes

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Life has been busy lately…and this year our family tree has grown. My nephew and his wife had a beautiful girl, which they named Leona.

My brother and his wife had a girl, which they named Abigail.

So much cuteness!!! God bless both these little angels!

I’ve not made many bread recipes. When I do make it, I always get excited to see when yeast dough rises. This recipe was simple and delicious. Will be making it many times over. I didn’t form the bread into rounds. Instead, I shaped them in ovals. Recipe is a keeper!


Instead of sharing a baking tip on my TWD:BWJ post this week, I’d like to share with you a kitchen product that you may like. I absolutely love this product!

Just a note: I do not represent the company or get paid for my opinions…etc. etc…etc…you get the idea.

Some foods take on the odors of other foods in the refrigerator. Baking soda does not solve the problem. How to resolve this? Try an odor absorber called

It’s a cube of wafers which eliminates tough odors with naturally activated charcoal.

While shopping at Sur La Table, I came upon this product and tried it.

Never went back to using baking soda ever again. FRIDGE-IT is an excellent product. You can also find it at other retail stores.

Peace in Baking,


Baking is my Zen…sweet nibbles for the soul


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22 Responses to TWD: BAKING WITH JULIA: Oasis Naan

  1. vintagekitchennotes says:

    Your nieces are just beautiful Carmen! To be able to squish them all day! And your naan is a close second (because those two are sooo cute!). You baked great bread!

  2. bakeawaywithme says:

    Gorgeous little girls! And beautiful naan! Love your photos! I’m Kathy @

  3. jane says:

    Very nice post. The girls are beautiful and so is the bread. As is usual for you the photos are lovely.

  4. Your naan looks perfect, I love the shape too. I think I will be doing that in the future so I can fit more than one at a time on my baking stone. And you made my day with your photo compliment. I always thing your photos are AMAZING so it made me happy. Thanks.

  5. oh, the babies are beautiful and I LOVE the tip on the fridge-it thingy. I am so checking into that!

  6. What a lovely post! From the beautiful naan to the stunning little girls. What a blessing when the family grows. Thanks for sharing. P.S. The Fridge It – I hadn’t seen this, going shopping! 🙂
    Catherine at

  7. Oh…. so sweet your two little girls! You must be a proud Aunt. Best congratulations to your family.
    The naan recipe is a winner in our family, too and the picture & the post you wrote are great.
    Thank you for the “little ad”. This cube has been around for ages where a Iive (also in rectangular shape) and it really does its job perfecty.
    All the best
    Ckay (Sweet and that’s it)

  8. What a great gadget. And, welcome to your family’s newest addition!

  9. Alice says:

    OMG so many babies!!! 🙂 congrats to all and what great looking bread to boot! 🙂

  10. Cathleen says:

    Sur La Table is my favorite store! Beautiful bread Carmen, as well as the girls!

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