#CookForJulia ~ Lemon Madeleines (Julia Child’s 100th Birthday)

The group, Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia, which I bake along with, is celebrating Julia Child’s birthday by posting bakers blog links (which contain recipes from Julia Child) to the baking group website.

Julia Child is a household word to many. On 8/15/12, Julia Child would have been 100 years young. Julia Child was loved by many. She showed us how to cook fearlessly. Julia had a passion for cooking and a passion of imparting her culinary knowledge to others. This passion translated to an ease and enjoyment of cooking which she shared with many through public television.

PBS Food is celebrating Julia Child’s 100th birthday with an invitation to all in helping honor the legacy of the chef who inspired a nation to be fearless in the kitchen:

~ cook one of Julia Child’s recipes between August 5 – 15
~ watch episodes of her classic shows
~ read tributes from celebrity chefs
~ leave a tribute
~ and more…

PBS Food wants to see our Julia-inspired dishes. They ask that you post your photos on their Facebook page. They ask that when referencing their Julia Child 100th Birthday Celebration, to please link to pbs.org/JuliaChild and use the hashtag #CookForJulia.

You can also grab one of PBS Food’s I ❤ Julia banners to share on the web!

12 Julia Child Facts (learn more at pbs.org/food)

1) In 1963, The French Chef was the first cooking show on PBS. Julia had new cooking shows air over the next five decades.
2) Julia has a rose named after her that she chose herself. It is butter colored.
3) Julia was the first educational television personality to receive an emmy.
4) Julia was 6’2” and played basketball at Smith College in Massachusetts.
5) Julia donated her Cambridge home to Smith College and her kitchen to the Smithsonian Institute.
6) While filming the Baking with Julia series, she used 753 pounds of butter.
7) In 2003, Julia was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States highest civilian honor, by President George W. Bush.
8) Julia’s childhood nicknames were Juke, Juju and Jukies.
9) Julia wore a size 12 shoe.
10) She was nominated for eight emmys and won three of them.
11) Julia was a breast cancer survivor.
12) Julia passed away two days before her 92nd birthday.

In celebrating Julia Child’s birthday, I baked Lemon Madeleines, which are small, French cookies.

They are called as such, but are actually little sponge cakes. They are lightly flavored with lemon, orange, or almond. I added more lemon than recipe called for…love lemon.

I describe it as a cross between a crisp cookie and a pound cake. The edges are crispy and the middle cakelike.

A madeleine pan is used for making Madeleines. It usually has 8 or 12 shallow scallop shell-shaped indentations, and come in tinned steel, metal with a nonstick finish, and pliable silicone.

You can find Julia Child’s recipe on a blog called,

Hungry Sofia

It’s an excellent post and the recipe is on the site. Gorgeous photos too!

Oooh…just had a few bites of the Lemon Madeleines I just baked…so good!

A cookbook is only as good as its poorest recipe ~ Julia Child

Credit: The New York Times Obituary of Julia Child, Esquire (June 2000 edition)


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I made a Salad Nicoise in celebration of Julia Child’s 100th birthday, which I posted on my new blog, sometimes SAVORY.

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  1. Alice says:

    I love madelines! I make so many different variations of them 🙂 great job and how great of you to include all of the PBS information! 🙂

  2. What yummy Madeleines!

  3. I’ve never made these before but they look delicious!!


  4. bakeawaywithme.com says:

    Your madeleines look perfectly delicious! Beautiful! Nice tribute to Julia!

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