BOUCHON BAKERY: Lemon-Poppy Seed Muffins

Bouchon Bakery Book Project~Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Ah, yes…finally received my Bouchon Bakery cookbook in the mail! Look foward to baking the recipes from this book.

Bouchon Bakery ~ Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller is a Chef I truly respect and admire.

Bouchon Bakery Book Project

Thomas Keller’s attention to detail in everything he does is evident.

Sebastien Rouxel is co-author on this book as well. After reading about him in the book, he is very much like Thomas Keller in his approach to work ethic. The word that describes what these two chefs embody is, “Care”.

Bouchon Bakery Book Project

Beautiful layout of photography in this book…

 A few years ago, I took a pastry course at The French Culinary Institute in New York City. After class, I took the train uptown to Bouchon Bakery, located  at The Shops at Columbus Circle- Time Warner Center. I heard such good things about this bakery. The baked goods looked so delicious. I wanted to buy one of everything! I purchased Caramel Macarons, Chocolate Bouchon, Brioche a Tete and an Apple Tart. Everything was delicious. The Caramel Macarons…out of this world delicious! Simply Divine!

The perfection of the Caramel Macarons left such an impression on me…unforgettable. It was akin to being smitten by someone you meet and like…except…it’s dessert!

Bouchon Bakery

Ten Columbus Circle, Third Floor
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212.823.9366
Fax: 212.823.9359

Bouchon Bakery - NYC

Here we are at the ‘Table of Contents’ page…off to the far left…ah, Macarons…can’t wait to make those.

Bouchon Bakery Book Project

“We’re always trying to make it better.” — Thomas Keller

Bouchon Bakery Book Project

Weighing ingredients is encouraged in this cookbook. I embrace this philosophy totally.

Below are photos of the chapter pages…a view of yummy sweets to bake in the near future.

Cookies ~ Scones ~ Muffins

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Cakes ~ Tarts

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Pate A Choux ~ Brioche & Doughnuts

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Puff Pastry & Croissants ~ Breads

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Confections ~ Basics

I’m baking along with a group called, Bouchon Bakery Book Project. Interested in joining?

First, purchase the Bouchon Bakery book. You don’t even need to have a blog. There is a recipe schedule provided monthly. No pressure to bake every recipe. Second, your recipe photo can be posted on the Bouchon Bakery Book Project’s Facebook page. There is also a badge you can add to your blog.

Bouchon Bakery Badge

March Recipe Schedule
March 1   Assorted Muffins: corn, bran, blueberry, lemon-poppy seed
March 8   Assorted Muffins: banana, carrot, pumpkin, decorated
March 15 Madeleines: traditional, pistachio
March 22 Financiers: traditional, chocolate
March 29 Bouchons   Marshmallow Eggs

FOR MY FIRST RECIPE, I chose to bake Lemon-Poppy Seed Muffins. The process in making these muffins is different. In addition to using an immersion blender, there is an overnight resting period. I used a blender to mix the batter. My batter had a four hour resting period. Next time, I will rest the batter overnight, as recipe indicates.

My thoughts: The lemon flavor was perfect. Not too much or too little.  Loved the texture. It was cakelike. The browning was almost non existant. I didn’t want to overbake them just to achieve a golden color. I loved these muffins…I will be baking these often.

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins ~-

Want a bite?

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Cross Section--

A special “Thank You” to

Thomas Keller


Sebastien Rouxel

for creating this wonderful book.

watch: Video of Thomas Keller and Sebastien Rouxel

Peace in Baking,


Baking is my Zen…sweet nibbles for the soul

Photography by Carmen Ortiz ~All Rights Reserved.
Not to be used without permission.

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Love to is my peaceful time. ~ Baking is my Zen ~
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