This Coffee Cake recipe is one that will make its presence in my kitchen many times over. It’s a ‘classy’ Coffee Cake. It’s refined. You’ll see what I mean when you bake it. It’s not heavy, not overbearing with flavors. It’s perfect. My family loved it too. Love when that happens ~

The Coffee Cake recipe can be found in the chapter on Cakes, in the book, Bouchon Bakery. I’m baking along with a group, Bouchon Bakery Book Project.

Bouchon Bakery Cookbook

To bake along with the group, first, purchase the book, Bouchon Bakery, by Thomas Keller and Sebastien Rouxel, at a bookstore or online. Submit your food photo to the group, which will be posted on Facebook.

Check out details for baking along on the Bouchon Bakery Book Project’s BLOG. You can also visit the group on FACEBOOK. You don’t need a blog to join.

Aaron J Clarke
Earl Shaddix
Jenn Yee
Jeorgina Martinez
Jonathan Horst
Leticia Nieto-Garcia
Tania Faccone

~ Recipes scheduled for April ~

April 5 Bouchons
April 12 Gingerbread
April 19 Coffee Cake
April 26 Rum Cake

COFFEE CAKE NOTES: Instead of making six – 4 1/4 inch round coffee cakes, I opted to make a 9-inch round cake. The additional batter was baked in another 8-inch round pan.
Instead of buying crème fraiche, I made it. Instructions to make homemade crème fraiche can be found on Bouchon Bakery Book Project Team’s Blog.
A middle layer of cocoa in the cake makes for a nice flavor of chocolate coming through. The topping is an Almond Streusel Topping. Oh, so good!

BOUCHON BAKERY Coffee Cake This Coffee Cake was a definite winner…


My savory recipes baked with the group, Bouchon Bakery Book Project, can be found on my savory blog, sometimes SAVORY.

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ON A SERIOUS NOTE: On Monday, Apri1 15, 2013, the Boston Marathon was in full swing. Weather was great, ideal for the runners. In a horrific moment, life changed for many. Two bomb explosions went off as the marathon runners were heading to the finish line. Three died and many were hurt. My prayers are with Boston.

VIDEO by Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon

Pray for Boston.

pray for boston

4/19/13 CAPTURED – Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Caught In Watertown.


Peace in Baking,

~ Carmen

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