BOUCHON BAKERY: Cinnamon Honey Scones

Cinnamon Honey Scones

Cinnamon Honey Scones

Breakfast of Champions…well, not quite. The interesting part about these scones was the cubes of honey butter that was added.

May 4, 2013 - Orb wins the Kentucky Derby

(note: this is NOT a photo of Orb…just in case you were wondering)

Speaking of champions, My friend Claudia and her husband Rob invited me to join them at a friend’s Kentucky Derby Party on May 4th. We had a nice time…great people, food, drink and a live band…very cool. I chose Orb to win the Kentucky Derby…and he won! Thrilled I picked the winner.

Orb Wins Kentucky Derby on “Perfect Trip” 5/4/13-NBC story
Orb did me proud… my wallet thanks him too…wink wink…
Orb Wins the 139th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs
(Jockey-Joel Rosario) – May 4, 2013

Orb’s ride to victory begins at 2.20 in the video…YES!! Go Orb!!

Kentucky Derby website

My Kitchen Notes:
This scone recipe was not very sweet. It needed more sweetness, in my humble opinion.
I would add some cinnamon in the batter next time.
I cut dough into 9 squares, not 12. I prefer larger scones, not smaller ones.
After brushing scones with butter, I sprinkled turbinado sugar for crunch.
Baked for more time since they were larger than what recipe indicted.

But folks, I’m sure if I went to Bouchon Bakery to have these scones, they would, most likely, be excellent.

Scones ready for the oven…

BOUCHON BAKERY-Cinnamon Honey Scones

Cinnamon Honey Scones baked…

BOUCHON BAKERY-Cinnamon Honey Scones

Cross-section of a scone…

BOUCHON BAKERY-Cinnamon Honey Scones

Check out a blog by Deliciously Noted. Great post and photos of this recipe.

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I didn’t make the Olive Oil Cake scheduled for today. Opted out.

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~ Recipes scheduled for May ~

May 5- Olive Oil Cake, Strawberry Parfait
May 12- Madeleine Cake
May 19- Devil’s Food Cake, Palet d’Or
May 26- Chocolate Biscuit, Oh Oh’s

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