Abby’s 1st Birthday Party~Face Painting Fun and FUNfetti Cupcakes

Abby with Face Painters

Abigail’s 1st birthday party was celebrated on May 19, 2013. I was asked by her mom and dad (my brother) to make 50 cupcakes for the children attending Abby’s birthday party.

abby's birthday party -Nelly & John

I planned on baking the cupcakes the day of the party. Good thing I changed my mind and made them the night before. I’ve observed through life experiences, when you think something takes only one hour, think again. Tack on another hour, or two or more.

Baked the cupcakes, made the frosting in several pastel colors, topped the cupcakes with mini sprinkles and confetti quins. It took me a good part of the day to finish. Baking the day before the party made loads of sense.

I decided to use a cake box mix for the cupcakes. However, instead of using ready made frosting, I made Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I love this frosting. The texture is smooth and silky. I am not one to use box cake mixes. But, sometimes will break my own rules. Why? Because I can… *smiles*

My adorable niece, Abby, wore two outfits at her birthday party. Here she is walking into the dining room where all her family and friends were waiting. She just recently started walking on her own. It’s exciting to see her walking without assistance. What a cutie pie!

Dress #1

abby's birthday party -1st dress

Here is Abby in her second change of clothing. What an adorable dress. She wears it well.

Dress #2

abby's birthday party -dress #2

The children loved the balloon characters and the face painting. The face painter’s website is,

Maria Party Planner

Face Painter at work

Gotta love the Face Painting

Face Painter


The children had a blast with the piñata. Once it broke, there was candy everywhere!

abby's birthday party-Pinata

Abby turned one year old on May 15, 2013, but her birthday was celebrated on the 19th.

abby's birthday party

Saray (Nelly’s sister) made the cake topper. Very cute!

abby's birthday party -cake topper by Saray

Ami Perez (Nelly’s friend) made Abby’s birthday cake. It turned out lovely.

Ami Perez ~ baker and decorator of Abby's birthday cake

Abby's birthday cake

Abby's Birthday Cake baked and decorated by Ami Perez

Abby blowing out her candle.

abby's birthday party -blowing out the candle

John and Nelly with their precious daughter.

abby with her parents John & Nelly

Abby looking at herself in the mirror.

abby's birthday party -looking in the mirror

Abby having fun with a balloon as her mommy watches.

abby's birthday party - plays with yellow balloon

Abby and her cousin Linette posing for us. What a cute pair!

Abby and cousin Linette

There were favors at each place setting.

abby's birthday party -table setting and favor

Food was great…



abby's birthday party favors

Abby takes off her headband…FREE AT LAST

Free at Last

FUNfetti Cupcakes

with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

recipe on my blog, HERE.

Party Time

Abby enjoys her FUNfetti Cupcake

Enjoy your FUNfetti Cupcakes…

abby's birthday party Balloons

~ ~ ~ ~

THE cutest video ever…brings a smile every time I watch it. The little boy lights up when mom lets him help her bake. Simply adorable. Thank you piggywolfcuppycak for allowing me to share the video.


How to: Funfetti Cupcakes | baking with children
By piggywolfcuppycak

Facebook Page – Piggy Wolf Cuppycakes

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