1-2-3 Soda Float

A summer treat….Soda Float.

Soda Float

It’s hot outside.

Summer relief…well, it comes in the form of a
Soda Float.

Only two ingredients are needed.

soda float ingredients
~ Coca Cola
~ Ice Cream


Soda Float
Directions are as simple as 1-2-3.
1-Pour Soda in a glass.

Soda Float Ingredients
2-Add ice cream and stir briskly.

Making a Soda Float
3-Add more ice cream.

Soda Float
That’s it. Enjoy!

Soda Float
If you like Creamsicles,try an Orangesicle Float.
Simply combine orange soda and vanilla ice cream.

Orangesicle Float

hot summertime

~ Carmen
Baking is my Zen
…sweet nibbles for the soul
~ ~ ~

Photography by Carmen Ortiz.
~All Rights Reserved.
Not to be used without permission.


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Love to bake...it is my peaceful time. ~ Baking is my Zen ~
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