MEMORIAL DAY SWEETS ~ Ice Cream Sandwiches

Memorial Day Sweets-Ice Cream Sandwich

A special “THANK YOU” to those who have served our country
and are no longer with us.
They will ALWAYS be remembered!


CREDIT TO Ron Doke for use of flickr photo.

Memorial Day FOOD consists of BBQ for the most part.
This holiday kicks off the unofficial start of summer…
with trips to the beach, BBQ’s, and picnics.
The weather is very warm right now in New Jersey. Feels like mid-summer.
Very hot. Not complaining. Just saying.
Despite the heat, summer officially arrives on June 20, 2016.

Today, I’m sharing a SIMPLE DESSERT to make… No baking needed.


What you’ll need:

1 ice cream sandwiche-ingredients

Two soft cookies. I used Dutch Cocoa Cookies by Archway.
Ice cream. I used Vanilla Bean.
Sprinkles are optional. It’s decorative, but not necessary.

Now to put it together….
Take one of the cookies and place a scoop of ice cream on top.

2 add ice cream onto cookie

Place the other cookie on top of the ice cream.

3 place cookie on top of ice cream

Smooth the edges out with a knife.

4 smooth edges with knife

Add Sprinkles. Optional.
Ready to eat.

Memorial Day 2016 ~ Always remembered


CREDIT TO Arbyreed for use of Flickr photo.

~ Carmen

Baking is my Zen
…sweet nibbles for the soul

For savory dishes, visit my other blog, sometimes SAVORY.

Photography by Carmen Ortiz.
~All Rights Reserved.
Not to be used without permission.


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